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Automation plays an increasingly important role in an organization’s ability to compete in the global economy.

Collier Associates’ Controls and Automation Engineering professionals are well versed in the use of control systems to program the operation of industrial machinery and processes and understand how the hardware and software design of the control system plays a major role in the efficiency of the operators and maintenance technicians.  Our goal for each project is to identify our customers’ true needs and goals and to always keep the end-user in mind.

PLC Platforms

  • Rockwell Automation
  • Modicon
  • GE 90/70 And 90/30
  • Siemens
  • ABB

… Plus More

HMI Platforms

  • Panelview
  • Factory Talk
  • Proface
  • Wonderware

Controls Capabilities

Feasibility Studies and Project Estimates

Panel Design and Fabrication

Camera System Capabilities

PLC Programming

VFD Programming

Startup and Commissioning

Troubleshooting and Optimization

System Integration and Conversions

Network Analysis

Network Upgrades

Scanner (Barcode, Part Inspection)

Instrumentation Specification


Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) are essential pieces of equipment that run many of our plants today. Many of these systems are becoming outdated and obsolete and it’s becoming harder and harder to find spare and replacement parts for them. We can upgrade your control system to newer more efficient technology, or we can provide retrofit solutions to work with elements that need to stay in place.


Your control systems are only as good as the data that they are receiving. They depend on accurate data to respond properly and efficiently. Instrumentation failures can lead to unnecessary downtime and troubleshooting issues. As your equipment ages, it becomes critical to upgrade and retrofit your instrumentation with efficient, accurate devices. We can perform the necessary evaluations to design needs for your unique situation.


We will be with you through the finish line and assist in all startup and commissioning services to make sure your system performs to specification. This includes onsite I/O checkout, Commissioning Plan development, and functional testing of new and existing equipment.


One way to extend the life of legacy systems that you are not ready to retire and to continuously increase your system’s efficiency is through better PLCs. We have experience with a wide range of PLC manufacturers and platforms and can assist in evaluating which platform will best fit your application whether you want to keep your current vendor or branch out to evaluate different solutions.


The first step for many projects is to evaluate them thoroughly to understand all aspects of the issues that are driving the need for the project and the options that are available to correct it. We can provide detailed studies and evaluations to investigate all aspects of your system. We know the appropriate regulations and codes for your industry and can complete the studies you need to help keep your business running efficiently.

Instrumentation Capabilities

Many of your biggest maintenance headaches and system downtime are caused by instrumentation issues including pneumatic controllers, process switches, obsolete transmitters and local controls loops. Field devices are critical to maintain an efficient and robust system. Our team can evaluate, recommend, and develop detail design packages for all your instrumentation and control valve needs.

Instrumentation Experience Includes:

Valve Controllers and Positioners

Temperature devices

Electric and pneumatic control drives

Smart/HART transmitters


Vibration Monitoring

Analytic Instrumentation

Control Valve sizing and upgrades

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