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At Collier Associates, Inc, we employ a team of field-experienced designers with knowledgeable electrical engineers to implement cost-effective, reliable solutions to solve even the most complex electrical challenge.  Because of Collier’s extensive onsite and construction experience and our key relationship with Collier Electric we are able to offer innovative solutions to clients in the early phases of a project. Collier provides a unique perspective on each project we engineer and are positioned to provide our clients what they need most – A project that mitigates risk, provides value, and is executed in a safe and cost effective manner

Electrical Engineering Services & Capabilities

Short-Circuit/ Arc Flash Evaluations

Load Studies

Feasibility Studies and Project Estimates

Area Classification Studies

Code Compliance Evaluations

Equipment Evaluation and Sizing

Equipment and Construction Specifications

Wiring Diagrams and Schematics development

Power Factor Correction Analysis

Harmonic Analysis

Relay Coordination

Substation/MCC Design


Many facilities have grown and expanded since the time they were originally designed and built. During many of these upgrades and retrofits the main focus of the project is to get the facility back up and operational with minimal downtime. “As-Built” and revisioning the existing plant drawings is often forgotten at the end of the project leaving the plant with inaccurate plant drawings. This can lead to safety concerns when operating off inaccurate drawings or additional downtime when trying to troubleshoot an issue. 

Our team has extensive field experience troubleshooting and field verifying existing plant drawings and understand the importance of designing off accurate drawings as well as providing complete revised drawings to our clients at the end of a successful project.


Equipment that has outlived its intended life can be a significant operational risk for a plant and its personnel. Replacing and upgrading outdated equipment can not only help eliminate these risks, but it also provides an excellent opportunity to evaluate and improve your current system by incorporating the latest technologies and safety measures. This not greatly benefit operations and maintenance downtime. These improvements required a team like ours that can evaluate the system as a whole and are specialized in providing solutions to maintain operational and personnel safety and reliability for your systems.


Understanding the complexities of industrial facilities and how electrical equipment functions within plants is as important as knowing how the subtle variations in electrical equipment modeling and sizing can significantly affect the accuracy of electrical system evaluations and studies.

Having designed, built, and retrofitted electrical power distribution systems within industrial facilities for years our knowledgeable team understands the importance of a robust power system and can assist you in evaluating the shortfalls or upgrades needed for your system. 


  • Load Flow
  • Short-Circuit
  • Arc Flash
  • Coordination
  • Compliance
  • Area Classification
  • Project Estimates

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